Real Estate Skip Tracing & How to Use It

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Real Estate Skip Tracing & How to Use It

Skip tracing is a method of adding missing phone numbers or Emails to your lists containing property owner's mailing address information so that you can reach your prospects and give your marketing pitch.

Lead lists often do not have contact information like Cell phones, Landlines, or Emails. Without those data, marketers are limited to sending slow and expensive direct mail pieces. Datazapp adds phone numbers and Email addresses which are associated with the Names and Addresses in your lead lists - perfect for telemarketing or Email marketing campaigns.,

What is Skip Tracing for Real Estate?

Skip tracing is an important part of marketing for Real Estate Investors (REI's). REI Skip Tracing property and homeowner lists enable REI's and wholesalers to contact their leads by phone call, ringless voicemail (RVM's), Email, and even social media targeting.

With Datazapp, REI's can also use our mobile app REI-Vision when searching individual postal addresses to find homeowners' contact info - perfect for REI's "Driving for Dollars!"

Is Skip Tracing Legal?

Yes! Skip tracing uses the power of data aggregation from public information and a variety of other sources to ethically and legally enrich your lead lists with the contact information you need to reach your prospects.

How do REI's Skip Trace?

Skip tracing your lists with Datazapp is quick and simple. In just a few steps and a few minutes, your lists will be skip traced and ready for your marketing campaign.

  1. First, login to your Datazapp account and enter the Phone & Email Append module
  2. Next, upload your lists of Excel files and select which contact info you need
  3. Then, view the skip trace results and download your list complete with contact data

Check out this short tutorial video which shows how to Skip Trace your lists with Datazapp!