Introducing: Seller Scores & Motivated Market Segments

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Seller Scores What is a seller score? Seller scores indicate the property owner's likelihood to sell their home in the next 6 to 12 months. Using the most recent Big Data & Predictive analytics algorithms, we analyze and track almost 25 individual, family and property related data points which impact the home selling decision and use this to assign a seller score from 1 - 100. Higher scores mean a higher probability to sell.

Build your prospects and marketing campaigns using the Seller Scores and reach those likely home sellers well in advance with the confidence that you have the hottest leads!

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The best part? All property records from Datazapp now come with Seller Scores!

Motivated Seller Market Segments These lucrative home & property groups are broken down into categories which are consistent indicators of motivated home sellers. With Datazapp, you can build lists of property records which belong to one or a mix of the market segments below:

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Absentee Homeowners: Some people call them Out-of-State owners. These homeowners own a 2nd home or multiple investment properties. They make up the biggest portion of Motivated Home Sellers.

Vacant Homes: Homes which were reported vacant within past 3 months, and mail delivered to these addresses are returned.

Real Estate Investors: As the name suggests, these are people who own more than one property, and/or invest in home/apartment/condos for short or long term income.

High-Equity Homes: Homeowners who have 70% or higher home equity.

Seniors: Homeowners aged 72 and older. Many seniors want to downsize for their peace of mind.

Empty Nesters: A unique group of homeowners, their kids have left the home for college or other reasons. Empty Nesters often want to downsize their homes at this stage.

Growing Families: Families who just had a new baby within last 24 months! Many families at this stage consider getting bigger homes for their toddler to crawl, run etc. and need to sell their current home.

Owner's with Poor Credit: Homeowners who show indicators of bad or poor credit and financial stress.