Real Estate Investors: Generating leads through Omnichannel Marketing

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Real-estate investors and wholesalers, here is the harsh reality - there are roughly 5 to 7 million real estate investors out there.. So in this crowded market, there is a limited inventory of homeowners who are distressed or motivated to sell their home.

In 2019, with the housing market at its peak, our analysis finds that the average distressed homeowner may be getting 35 to 50 mail pieces each month, along with 70 to 90 phone calls and text messages since their information became public. Motivated sellers and absentee home owners are not far behind. With 20 to 40 mail pieces and 35 to 50 calls and texts, they are also overwhelmed with home-buying offers.

So as a real estate investor - how do you succeed and make your campaign more productive? The answer is in generating more leads and improving your marketing R.O.I.

Many REI's and wholesalers don't consider themselves marketers, although every time you reach out to a prospect, send an offer, or post an ad, you're engaging in marketing! So if you're willing to put your marketing hat on, you'll find some answers for common lead-generation problems.

Read on. At the top of our list of suggestions is employing 'Omni-Channel' marketing, 'omni' meaning multiple or all-encompassing.

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Imagine an ad for the 'Super Soft Mattress' that you just saw on your phone. The next day you receive a phone call from the 'Super Soft Mattress' company to tell you about their special deal of a $399 mattress. Then imagine that same evening, you receive an email from the same mattress brand with great reviews and that same special deal of $399.

Now if you happened to be in the market for buying a new mattress, wouldn't you consider checking Super Soft Mattress out? Statistically, most people would say yes. What you experienced was omni-channel marketing. It caused a psychological impact and created in you an awareness of their brand and offer.

Omni-channel marketing simply reinforces the same marketing message through a sequence of campaigns such as direct mail, telemarketing, emailing, or social media. It's a holistic approach to marketing, and it will set your name and your offer apart from your competitors.

How REI's Can Implement Omni-Channel Marketing You've probably heard from industry experts, colleagues, and other businesses that distressed, tax delinquent, and otherwise motivated homeowners generate better responses to offers to buy their home. But these are extremely time-sensitive, and your competition are swarming to reach those prospects. With you can append phone numbers and cell phones with our Fast Phone Append service, and get those email addresses to your lists in just minutes with our Email Append service. With our blazing fast turn-around time, you can start calling them ASAP. Use bulk email delivery services to deliver emails to the same audience. Keep in mind, if you're sending them letters or postcards, these may take 2-3 days to deliver. You can also write effective text/email messages and have a graphic designer create a professional & sharp looking email to promote your company brand and offers.

What Other Marketing Channels Can REI's Use? Direct mail, calling and emailing are the big three marketing channels - but wait! There's one more channel you can try - Facebook. Maybe you have tried Facebook ads in the past and were confused by the platform or couldn't identify their results. But by using Facebooks 'Custom Audiences,' you can deliver text and graphic ads to your existing audience of prospects or leads. Whenever they login to Facebook or Instagram, they may see your ad. For more information about how you can use this amazing feature to advertise your business, check out our blog article here: