The Demographics of Dog Owners

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It's National Dog Day!

national dog day

The Demographics of Dog Owners

Today, August 26th is National Dog Day! In honor of our beloved companions, we took a data dive into what sets dog owners apart.

Our politics align with all manner of other things in life, from religion to styles, and what states we live in. And there's one that causes Republican and Democratic states to come down on different sides: Family pets.

Dog owners vote Re"pup"lican more often

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In one glance you can see geographic patterns among dog owners vs cat owners. Southern states which typically vote Republican tend to have higher dog ownership rates, while states which often vote Democrat tend to have more cat owners.

Dog owners tend to have higher incomes

As of 2016, the median household income for dog owners was $69,900.

That's 16% higher than the median household income among all Americans, which was just $60,400

According to Simmons Market Research

Pet owners also see themselves as better off economically, relative to previous years - 31 percent of dog owners considered themselves either somewhat or significantly better off financially than they were a year ago.

Dog owners tend to live longer

According to, owning a dog may help you live longer by reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and death. These benefits were even higher among single people who own dogs.

This may be because taking care of dogs means providing the exercise dogs need.

We Have the Data to Fuel Your Campaign!

Total Dog Owners

With Emails : 21,112,325
With Cell : 13,543,916


Republican Dog Owners 

With Emails : 1,776,345
With Cell: 1,291,862


Dog Owners who Donate to Animal Charity

With Emails : 5,848,917
With Cell : 3,762,354

Adding dog owners to your prospective lists of political donors and supporters could jump-start your fund-raising efforts. Dog owners tend to donate to animal welfare groups and engage in other forms of charitable giving.

Lists of dog owners start at just 3 cents per record with an Email or Cell number. 

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