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Company is direct marketing data & technology startup, offers various direct marketing mailing list, telemarketing list and email list. We serve call centers, agencies, marketing consultants & fortune 5000 businesses with their direct marketing needs. Learn more about our products and services at


>Ormond Beach, FL


  • Responsible for growing and managing a customer base
  • Accountable for maintaining and growing the assigned customer base by building customer relationships, assessing product fit and expanding product portfolio
  • Responsibilities include but are not limited to, identifying decision makers, determining customer needs, identifying appropriate solutions, and positioning these solutions with the customer
  • Accountable for protecting base revenue and meeting/exceeding average quota
  • Responsible for updating relevant customer information - including but not limited to activity, funnel, opportunity updates
  • maintenance of monthly goals; customer proposals; customer contracts

Required Skills and Experience

  • The job functions are not scripted, it requires solid interviewing/selling/persuasion skills
  • In addition to a strong knowledge of the company's products/services
  • Often requires additional knowledge of competitor's products/services - with occasional coaching from management as needed

Job Requirements

  • 1+ years of successful sales experience (Business to Business | B2B)
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task in a dynamic environment
  • Active listening skills to identify sales opportunities


  • Below market pricing without compromising quality and coverage.
  • Blend of data hygiene - CASS, NCOA, Phone Verification and Email Verification.