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The single best way to get your message to your ideal customer without wasting a tremendous amount time and money is DataZapp's Consumer eTarget database.

Contact only the people you want, based upon age, gender, ethnicity, income level, marital status, living situation, buying habits and many other criteria. Our consumer mailing lists tremendously increase your rate of response, and that means you'll get a great many more sales per marketing dollar invested. But at the same time, they help you to retain the loyalty of your customers by sending them only information that you know will grab their attention.

You already know who your best customers are and what they buy. So you can use that information and our detailed mailing lists to send focused messages both to your existing base and to the most likely potential market for what you have to offer. And we even have lists of consumers who have already expressed an interest in learning more about your product or service.

There's no reason to spend any of your marketing budget on blanket advertising when you can invest so much less and instead use the power of eTargeting to reach the audience most likely to respond to your message.

At DataZapp.com, you get unparalleled data quality with guaranteed accuracy. Our comprehensive knowledge, data quality & hygiene tools, technology and data partners have made us the best choice for marketers.

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Yahoo Emails Lists 53,316,228
Hotmail Emails Lists 24,158,821
Gmail Email Lists 13,410,163
Cable ISP Email Lists 9,988,235


  • Below market pricing without compromising quality and coverage.
  • Blend of data hygiene - CASS, NCOA, Phone Verification and Email Verification.