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Datazapp appends landline, cellphone numbers to your residential and business files instantly at just $0.03 per number. Using our self-serve portal, upload your list with name and address, select your match & do not call preferences, and get your results in minutes! Our phone append service is also available via real time API/Web services & Automatched FTP.

Datazapp uses multi-sourced databases to provide you with the highest quality data and highest matche rate. Datazapp is here to save you to time and money, so only the most accurate,relevant cell and/or landline is provided for each record.

*discounted rates available for large volume

Append Phone, Cellphones to your residential or business files instantly. Using our self-serve portal upload your list with name and address, select your match & do not call preferences.

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Cell Phone Append


Most appends processed in minutes

Cell Phone Append Service


Uses multiple data points for most accurate match rates

Cell Phone Append


DNC Scrub keeps you compliant select between cell and landline

Cell Phone Append Service


Upload your lists directly 24X7