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We know what marketers and list professional want - It’s all a combination of data quality, accuracy along with best and personalized customer service, quick turnaround & of course top ROI - at DataZapp, we bring it all together with our knowledge, data refinery, our data quality and hygiene tools, technology & our data partners.

Your time is valuable - Do more with our self-service portal

Your time is valuable - run all your list research, list count and segments on-line and get results within minutes! Our email and phone appends offers fastest turnaround time with best industry average match rate and accuracy.

  • US B2B Contacts with Emails and Titles

    B2B Contacts are derived from a multitude of sources – near accurate, complete and reliable b2b contacts with 12 million companies, 24 million contacts and 15 million direct emails.

  • Consumer eTarget

    DataZapp's targeted econsumer lists identify active consumers with actionable demographic, lifestyle, interest and transactional information. Over 45 million records.

  • Auto Owners with email

    DataZapp's unique advantage is, our ability to integrate multiple data sources & offer unmatched intelligence. Reach 175 million auto owners with 80 million phones and 45 million emails.

  • National Occupation

    Reach these unique consumers segmented by their occupation such as nurse, realtor, engineer and more.

  • National Mortgage

    Mortgage borrowers database of 45 million records. Offers lender name, loan amount, LTV along with multichannel connect points.

  • New Movers

    Tap into our new mover list feed available with email addresses!

  • Phone Append

    Append premium phone numbers to your list. DNC scrub also available.

  • Email Append

    Try our real-time email append solution - Just upload file, map fields and in minutes emails will be appended. Optional real-time email verification is attached with email append service. 25% average match rate!

  • Email hygiene and Verification

    Dirty email data are harmful to campaigns. Bad & high risk email addresses are a quick path to poor sender reputation & IP block. With our email hygiene services we reduce your risk by identifying invalid syntax, frequent complainers, spam traps, bad domain, known bounces, role based emails. Combined that with our Email verification which removes hard bounces with real-time verification at mailbox level.


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