Match Rate
Industry leading match rate as high as 60%
Turn Around
Most append jobs are processed, verified and returned to you in 4-5 hours max.
Best Quality
With our advanced email verification and hygiene tools, emails are guaranteed to deliver at 97% or more.
Automated Process
Upload your lists directly to our website and get results with in hours - 24X7 availability.

Consumer Email Append

Append email to your consumer prospects or customer list with name and address.

Business Email Append

Add more contacts with titles to your business list or append missing emails to your b2b contact data.

Reverse Email Append

Append name, address and other demographics information to your email only list.


  • Below market pricing without compromising quality and coverage.
  • Blend of data hygiene - CASS, NCOA, Phone Verification and Email Verification.

Email Append Frequently Asked Questions

How does your append process works and what’s accuracy level of emails?
We use name and address from your list and match them against our 250 million email database. Typical match logic is at Individual level (match using first, last and address). You can always request 2nd pass at household level (match using last name and address) to bring match rate higher.
After match process, emails will go through hygiene process where high risk emails, opt-outs and frequent complainers will be flagged & removed. Next emails will go through final mailbox level validation and any possible bounce emails will be flagged and remove. Using this 3 step process, our emails are 98% deliverable.

Is pricing based on total list size?
No, we only charge for valid, deliverable email we append to your list. There’s no processing fees or any other cost.

What’s turnaround time?
On an average email appends processing takes between 2-3 hours during business hours. Returning customers can directly upload their list through their account and run appends 24x7.

Can you update our file of invalid email addresses?
Yes. Using our email verification service we can identify bad/invalid email address and replace with valid deliverable email address.

How often is your Email Append database updated?
New & valid email records being added every week and every month undelivered, opt-outs gets removed. We also run email postal records through USPS CASS and NCOA process to keep address clean and current.