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Build a Voter Email List at just 4 cents per record. The Voter Email List includes mailing addresses as well. Segment your Voter Email Audience by Geography, Demographics, and Party or Political Affiliation.

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Our Voter & Political donor Data

DataZapp knows that in political campaigns, it doesn’t matter what you say if you’re saying it to the wrong people. A dollar spent on anyone but your target audiences is wasted money.


With the right voter list, you can communicate with specific voter groups based on demographic and level of interest in the issues of your political campaign, and be confident that your message will receive positive responses from your target audience.


Our comprehensive voter database lets you target likely voters and financial contributors.

Targeted Audience Right Channels Better Results

Contact Info: Choose between cell phone, landline, and Email addresses.

Demographics: Select among over 20 demographic choices including:

Build Your Audience By Political Agenda

Pro-Gun Rights

These include those who support gun ownership, Second Amendment rights, and political lobbies for the same causes


U.S. Voter who are favorable toward immigration and the rights of those seeking citizenship or asylum in the United States

Pro-Minimum Wage

Supporters of minimum wage laws often include those who support other forms of Federal & State economic influence.


Highly polarized groups such as pro-life advocates can be a solid audience when appealing to one party over another


Highly polarized groups such as pro-choice advocates can be a solid audience when appealing to one party over another


Includes parents of school-aged children who advocate for quality education options in public and private schools


Proponents of activism, research, and/or legislation addressing climate change, conservation, clean energy, etc.

Young Voters

Young voters between 18-25 years or Millennials, interested in policies which uniquely affect their age group


Proponents of business friendly policy and legislation such as lower taxation, less regulation, etc.

Political Contribution

These include those who donate to various political campaigns and causes. Target based on amount and destination of contributions

Charitable causes

Charitable donors often contribute to politically motivated causes and organizations


Those who advocate for quality health care options and/or a greater role for the Medicare & Medicaid programs

CASE STUDY: Campaigning using
Political Donor Data and Voter Data

Read about a hypothetical example of a candidate running for Mayor who raised $12,000 for his campaign and reached out to 15,000 voters through door-to-door canvassing and digital outreach efforts.

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