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How the Phone Scrub Service Works

For just half a cent ($0.005) or less* per phone number you submit, Datazapp will label the phone type and Do Not Call status of your phone numbers.

*Discounted rates available with high volume and pre-payment

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Our phone scrub service

For just half a penny per phone record, Datazapp’s DNC Scrubber provides high quality data hygiene. Upload your list of phone numbers and Datazapp’s Phone Scrub Service labels phone numbers on the Do Not Call list and identifies the phone type (Cell, Landline, VOIP, etc.) Datazapp’s Phone Scrub Service adds a label to each of your phone records indicating:

• Phone Type – (Wireless, Landline, VOIP, etc.)
• Do Not Call Status – YES or NO

For just half a penny ($0.005) per phone record, Datazapp provides the highest quality data hygiene available.
Phone numbers on the Do Not Call list are flagged, helping to keep you compliant with TCPA and FTC Do Not Call laws.

Labels Added to File:

  • L = Fixed Landline/Wireline Number
  • W = Wireless or Cell Number
  • V = VOIP Phone such as Google Voice/Skype
  • T = Toll Free Number
  • X = Risky Phone Number – Recommended not to dial
  • U = Unknown Phone Type
  • I = Invalid Number

Do Not Call Status Label:

  • Y = Yes, Phone number is on Do Not Call registry
  • N = No, Phone number is not on Do Not Call
Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Phone Scrub service label Disconnected or Out-of-Service Phone Numbers?

No, the service uses the rule-based phone number format of active Area codes and Exchange codes (NPA & NXX) by phone carrier to determine if a phone number is valid. Phone numbers labeled “I – Invalid” or “U – Unknown” are often out-of-service numbers but the service is unable to determine if specific phone numbers are disconnected.

Does the Phone Scrub service replace Incorrect Phone Numbers?

No, the service does not identify incorrect numbers (phone numbers which do not belong to the individuals in your records). It also does not add phone numbers to your lists. To add phone numbers to your lists you will use Datazapp’s Phone Append service.

Does the Phone Scrub service guarantee DNC or TCPA compliance?

No, the service does not guarantee legal compliance nor does Datazapp accept liability for telemarketing practices. The service is meant to be a risk-mitigation tool.