Datazapp API Integrations

1. Signup at and create your free account. If you are already registered, sign in to your account.


2. Send an email to [email protected] with your user ID or email address with “Requesting API” in the subject line.


3. Our sales staff will verify details & enable API access for your account. You will receive confirmation email with instructions to connect. DataZapp API uses standard HTTP Post method with JSON data format.

Request Info X

  • By providing a phone number, we may contact you via SMS text message to better assist you. You can reply STOP to opt out of further messaging. Message and data rates may apply.

services available via API
Data Append Services:

$0.03 / Phone

Appends choice of Cell, Landline, or both phones to Name & Address Input

Email Append

$0.03 / Email

Appends Email address
to Name & Address

Name Append

$0.02 / Name

Appends First & Last
Name to Mailing
Address Input

Age / DOB

$0.03 / Age

Appends Age or Date
of Birth using Mailing
Address Input
Data Hygiene Services:

Email Verification

$0.005 / Email

Identifies Hard Bounce
Emails, Accept-Alls,
& Deliverable Emails

Phone Scrub

$0.005 / Phone

Adds National Do not Call flag
to input phone numbers & identifies
phone type (Cell, Landline, VOIP, etc.)
Reverse Append Services:

Reverse Email +
SHA/MD5 Append

$0.03 / Record

Appends Name, Address, and
associated Email address
to inputted SHA or MD5 hashes

Reverse IP

$0.03 / Record

Appends Name,
Address, & Email to input
IP address records

Reverse Phone

$0.03 / Record

Appends associated Email
address to inputted
SHA or MD5 hashes