Datazapp API Integrations

1. Signup at and create your free account. If you are already registered, sign in to your account.


2. Send an email to [email protected] with your user ID or email address with “Requesting API” in the subject line.


3. Our sales staff will verify details & enable API access for your account. You will receive confirmation email with instructions to connect. DataZapp API uses standard HTTP Post method with JSON data format.

Request Info X

Phone Scrub

$0.005 / Record

Adds federal Do not
call flag to input
phone numbers. Also
identify phone type.
Land line vs. Wireless.

Phone/Cell Append

$0.03 / Record

Appends phone
numbers to input name
and address. User can
set preference to only
append wireless or
landline or both.

Email Append

$0.03 / Record

Appends matching
email address at
individual level or
house hold level using
name and address.