IP Address Retargeting with Direct Mail, Email Marketing & Digital Audience

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Industry leading match rate as high as 60%


Triple-verified & enhanced for accuracy and deliverability


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our reverse ip append service

You may be paying top dollar for Pay-per-Click, SEM, and SEO campaigns to get targeted website visitors, yet a high percentage of those always bounce off when they don’t fill out inquiry forms, call or register!’s Reverse IP Append service recovers many of your lost website visitors so you can re-target them via direct mail, email campaigns, custom audiences on social media, or telemarketing to put them back into your marketing funnel and increase your marketing ROI.


Just 3 Cents per match!


Even when website visitors do not make a purchase on your site, they are still warm leads, and the sooner you remarket to them, the more likely you can convert them. With Datazapp, you can market to your site’s visitors through phone, email, and direct mail channels creating “top-of-mind” awareness for your brand and its offerings.

how does it work?

Datazapp takes IP addresses and matches them with real names and addresses in our database


Datazapp takes names and addresses and matches them with IP addresses in our database


website visitor ip pixel

DataZapp’s Web Visitor IP Pixel - a Real-Time IP Re-targeting Tool

DataZapp’s Web Visitor IP Pixel automates the IP capturing process from your website in real-time and instantly appends matching email, name, mailing address, phone, and cell so you can retarget them effectively.


Here’s how it works: Install Datazapp’s custom JavaScript code, also called a Pixel, which captures IP addresses of your website’s visitors and matches name, Address, Email, and available phone numbers in real-time! The Pixel also provides device & IP type, ISP browser, and operating system, while intelligently identifying automated search bots.


These anonymous visitors have interest and intent for your products or services, retarget them through direct mail, email marketing or telemarketing before they move on.

what information is provided?



E-Mail Address

First & Last Name

Postal Address

Address Type

ISP Name

Proxy Flag & Type

Device Type/Model

Operating System

Browser & Version

How Car Dealership increased ROI and reduced advertising costs by 7%, increased in-person traffic and web site leads through Datazapp Visitor IP Pixel