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Estimate Your Data Cost by Number of Records in Your File

Cell/Phone Append

Email Append

These results are estimates and may not perfectly reflect your actual results. We offer a no-obligation match analysis included in each append you run in your account. Register HERE to get started.

A full breakdown of all our services is available on the dashboard after logging in to your Datazapp account including pricing for all counts and data lists.

If you are considering purchasing consumer data/lists from us, you may go with below pricing guidelines. For detailed and accurate pricing for each list, Register and click on pricing tab on dash board.

Rule of Thumb:

  • Lists with Postal Addresses: $0.025 per Record
  • Lists with Phone Numbers: $0.03 per Record
  • Lists with Email Addresses: $0.03 per Record

Price Discounts:

  • We offer volume pricing for 50,000 records and above.
  • We also offer discounts for Non-profits and Veteran Owned Businesses.