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Using Datazapp

How Datazapp's Append Pricing Works

A Tour of Your Datazapp Account

Appends & List Hygiene

Phone & Email Append (Skip Tracing)

Add Emails and/or Cell & Landline numbers to your lists of postal records

Phone Scrub (DNC Scrub + Phone Type)

Identify phone numbers on the Federal Do Not Call list and identify phone type (Landline, Wireless, VOIP, etc.)

Reverse Email, SHA or MD5 Append

Add Names & Addresses to your lists of Emails or SHA/MD5 hashes

Reverse Phone Append

Add Names, Addresses, & Emails to your lists of Phone numbers.

Reverse IP Address Append

Add Emails, Names, Addresses, Geo-Coordinates & other info to your lists of IP Addresses

IP Address Re-Targeting via IP Pixel

Install Datazapp’s IP Pixel on websites to receive Emails, Names, Addresses, Geo-Coordinates & other info of the website visitors

Property Seller Score Append

Add Seller Scores to your property records to indicate which off-market residential properties are likely to be sold sooner than others in their area

Build Lists

Homeowner Lists

Create Lists of Homeowners with Cell Phone, Landline, or Email using filters like Owner Age, Length of Residence, Mortgage Equity, Credit Range, Home Value, & more

Property Owner Lists

Create Lists of Property Owners such as Out of State or Absentee Owners, Vacant Homes, High-Equity properties,  Vacant lots, Commercial land, Mobile Homes & more

Business Lists (B2B Prospects)

Create targeted lists of businesses and professionals with your choice of company Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, and even Direct Phone numbers

Business Contact Lists with Cell Phone

Create Lists of business contacts with cell phone numbers such as small business owners

Consumer Lists (B2C Prospects)

Create targeted lists of consumers with Cell Phones and Email Addresses using demographic filters and lifestyle segments

Healthcare Professionals

Build lists of healthcare professionals like Registered Nurses & Physicians by title with Emails, Cell Phones & Postal info

Political Donors

Create lists of donors to political campaigns and action committees for fundraising, outreach, digital marketing, etc

U.S. Registered Voters

Create targeted lists of voters registered in the U.S. to gain support, reach constituents, fundraise, and GOTV

Vacant Lot Owners

Build Lists of vacant land lots and lot owners using targeting filters like land appraisal value, length of ownership, & more

Renter Lists

Build lists of over 20 million renters with Cell Phones and Email Addresses using demographic & lifestyle filters

Vacant Home Lists

Find Vacant homes & owners in your area

Absentee Homeowner Lists

Find Absentee Homeowners in your area

Blanket Property Lists

Cast a wide net to find motivated sellers that other real estate investors miss

Foreclosure Lists

Find property owners who have gone through foreclosure

Mobile Apps

REI-Vision (Real Estate App)

Locate nearby properties and find motivated market segments and contact data including Name, Landline, Cell Phone, and Email addresses in real time

VoterVision (Political Canvassing App)

VoterVision enables canvas team members to find registered voters and un-registered individuals in any U.S. location, and contact them in-person and/or using digital contact channels provided within the app

Technical Help

How to Format Addresses for Append Upload

See how to merge separated address values into the correct format needed for Datazapp’s Email & Phone append module

How to Buy Multiple Append Files in 1 Order

See how to bundle up to 5 appended lists in one order to mitigate Datazapp’s $125 minimum order price