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Residential Solar systems are taking the nation by storm. Interest in renewable energy and slashing home energy bills are driving more and more homeowners to consider solar power.

Recent surveys reveal that the number of households with solar panels in the US has increased by over 60% in the last 5 years fueled by 30% federal tax credits and many state and local incentives!

This presents a great opportunity for solar installers and marketers to grow their customer base.

Mailing Lists include the Homeowner’s Name, Mailing address, and your choice of Cell Phone number or Email address.

Home Qualifications:

Financial Indicators:

Personal Demographics:

Who are "Qualified" Home Solar Prospects?

Single Family Homeowner

Avoid wasting time talking to renters

$65k + Household Income

Talk to people with the financial capability of going solar

Good or Excellent Credit

We know most solar projects are financed by the homeowner

5KWh + Generation Potential

as determined by Google's Project Solar

Electric Vehicle Friendly

Great prospects are often electric vehicle owners or enthusiasts

Qualified Home Solar Prospects Available

54.2 Million

Mailing Addresses

54.2 Million

Email Addresses

39 Million

Cell Numbers

How Does It Work? - The Anatomy of a Deal

Experienced solar marketers know that the process of turning prospects into leads, and those leads into deals is a sales funnel that gets increasingly narrow as contacts pass through the sales process.

Because the bottom of the sales funnel is so narrow, it’s best to make the top as wide as possible. Translation: It takes a lot of prospects to get a few deals.

At just 3 cents each, Datazapp provides property & homeowner records, each with a phone number or Email address.


This means that for $125, you can get over 4,000 prospects to put in your sales funnel.

Now you can launch a phone or Email based marketing campaign.

If all goes well, you may be able to nurture a small portion of your leads through the funnel while most of your leads will drop off throughout the following weeks and months of discussion, vetting, and offers.

Here is a hypothetical breakdown of your marketing costs. By keeping data costs low, Datazapp averages much higher ROI than other data providers.

Fast Facts about Solar Adopters

Lower Income Earners are Becoming Adopters

Median solar adopter income was about $110k/year in 2021, compared to a U.S. median of about $63k/year for all households and $79k/year for all owner-occupied households.

Solar adopter incomes still skew higher, but a substantial share of adopters could be considered low-to-moderate income (LMI), with 22% of all 2021 adopters earning less than 80% of area median income, and an additional 21% between 80% and 120% of area median income.

Solar-adopter incomes are declining over time, with median incomes dropping from $129k in 2010 to $110k in 2021, as adoption becomes more proportionately distributed across the population and has started to broaden into low- and middle-income states since 2016.

tend to live in similar areas

Solar adopters tend to live in Census Tracts not identified as “disadvantaged communities” (using the U.S. Department of Energy’s interim definitions developed March 2022), making up 11% of adopters compared to 18% of U.S. households.

tend to share similar demographics

Compared to the broader population, solar adopters tend to: identify as Caucasian, are primarily English-speaking, have higher education levels, are often middle-aged, work in business and finance-related occupations, and live in higher-value homes.

lots of sunlight

Solar adopters tend to live in US areas which receive a lot of sunlight, especially in Florida, California, & Texas - areas in which the solar panels can generate 5KWh per day on average.

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