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Use the power of Email Marketing to reach the audience most likely to respond to your message. You know who your best customers are and what they buy. With Datazapp’s Email Marketing Lists, you can use the information to cater to your existing customer and find potential markets interested in what you have to offer.


Create consumer marketing listing with only the people you want to contact, based upon age, gender, ethnicity, income level, marital status, living situation, buying habits and many more criteria. Targeting your ideal market will boost your response rate from potential customers, the loyalty of your current customers, and your overall marketing ROI.


With Datazapp you also get unparalleled data quality and accuracy for the price. Our comprehensive knowledge, quality & hygiene tools, technology and data partners have made us the best choice for marketers.

Geo-Targeting Levels

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Interest & Lifestyle Segments

Dog & cat owners

Targeted lists of Pet owners

Pet owners make up a large and exciting audience of consumers. Two-thirds of U.S. households have at least one pet*, and these households spend over $1,000 a year on average on their pets*. The U.S. pet industry is worth over $99 billion and growing rapidly*, accounting for almost 45% of the global pet industry*.


About 95% of pet owners consider their pets family*, so they are often avid shoppers of pet products and services. These include everything from pet food & toys, training material & veterinary services, pet adoption, medicine and insurance, clothing, boarding & grooming, accessories and much more.

Dog Owner

20+ Million

Dog Owners

Cat Owner

14+ million

Cat Owners

Datazapp’s dog & cat owner lists are targeted by geography, financial indicators, and other demographic filters above. They come with owner Names, Addresses, and your choice of an Email and/or a phone number.

Turning 65 seniors

lists of seniors turning 65 years old by month

Individuals turning 65 will soon be eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits, and are entering traditional retirement age. For these reasons, the T-65 group is an important consumer segment to marketers of Insurance, financial & legal services, estate planning, medical products & services, senior living communities, and much more.

The month in which seniors reach the age of 65 is particularly important to many marketers. So Datazapp allows you to easily filter and create lists of T-65’s by birth month.

New! - Charitable Donor Lists

Target likely donors to your organization

We can help you find the audience of individuals with the highest propensity to give financially to your or your client’s organization. Target past and potential donors to political causes, religious, environmental, animal welfare, veteran and other causes.


Find donors motivated to give to causes like yours by using our Donor Propensity filter, which allows you to filter donors by their likelihood to contribute:

• Very Likely to Give
• Likely to Give

Find much more information about Datazapp’s Donor categories and Affinity Modeling technology by clicking the Learn More button below:

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