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Lower Your Bounce Rate Improve Deliverability Improve Conversion Rate

Lower Email Bounce Rate:

Identifies and removes bad/invalid emails from your list in real time. Protect your email-sending IP and infrastructure reputation. Improve overall deliverability and inbox delivery metrics.

Email Verification Checks for:
Lower Email Bounce Rate:

Datazapp’s Email Hygiene identifies non-human email addresses designed for spam monitoring & email tracking, as well as risky emails such as spam complainers, anti-spam traps, honey pots, etc. These emails don’t respond to email offers and only cause harm to sending-IP reputations.


Datazapp also provides the Email Append service. This step performs over 240 independent, real-time scans and analyzes for known problematic emails, Pristine and recycled spam traps, Honeypots, moles, etc. and provides 3rd party oversight.

How We Stack Up:

Other Providers

$0.01+ per Email

Often includes hefty minimums
& volume commitments

$0.005 or less per Email

No minimum or volume commitment

More Data = better hygiene

93+ Million
Verified Emails

40+ Million
B2B Emails