Guarantee Deliverability of Emails to Your Audience

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Lower Your Bounce Rate Improve Deliverability Improve Conversion Rate

Lower Email Bounce Rate:

Identifies and removes bad/invalid emails from your list in real time. Protect your email-sending IP and infrastructure reputation. Improve overall deliverability and inbox delivery metrics.

Email Verification Checks for:

Domain and SMTP Verification
Hard Bounce, Invalid emails
Syntax errors
Spam Traps checkers
Catch-all domain checker

Lower Email Bounce Rate:

Datazapp’s Email Hygiene identifies mostly non-human email addresses designed for spam monitoring, monitoring email traffic or

risky emails such as complainers, anti-spam honey pot etc. These emails never respond to any email offers but cause negative

sending IP reputations. Datazapp is also provides email append service. This step performs over 240 independent, real-time scans

and analyzes for known problematic emails,

Pristine and recycled spam traps

Honeypots and contributing moles

Third party oversight seeds

frequent complainers

Threat Keys

Disposable Email Accounts

Most email verification services charge between $0.007 to $0.01 per email – compare that to us at 0.005/Email*

*$50 min per file

93+ Million
Verified Emails

40+ Million
B2B Emails