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Open door to additional revenues.


Data is new gold. If you are marketer, call centers, publisher, technology developers, agency, lead generator, digital agency – you may be sitting on gigabytes, terabytes of data & information.


Leverage our expertise with cleaning, extracting, mining & evaluating data files and start generating incremental revenue. With access to our technology resources, loyal clientele we can make this work!


1. We’ll conduct a thorough analysis, encompassing virtually every detail of your data, to determine where the greatest revenue potential is.


2. Upon determining quality and quantity, we’ll match with current campaign or clients and start placing data in campaigns right away. If there are no relevant campaign/client available, we’ll create & place data card and fill reports on our promotional materials, marketing emails to get business rolling.


3. If required, we may add dataset to our count and order interface which is accessible by our clients and resellers.


4. We may decide to run your data through hygiene, cleaning, CASS, NCOA & enhance with more data fields such as email, cell, phone, demographic info etc to make data list more profitable. Of course, no cost to you. But we do this case-by-case basis and in some case we may even returned clean, enhance list back to you!

Right fit

You know your data very well, but we are only interested if there’s significant quantity or continues feed available on daily/weekly/monthly basis. Before we get too deep in evaluating, send us best description of your data and answer to below questions.

While we welcome data/list across all vertical and channel but below are top priority as our clients have large appetite.

Automotive – Automobile owners
Cell Phone – B2C Cell phone with name, address and cell.
B2B Contacts – B2B Contacts with title, email and phones.
Occupation – Nurse, Attorney, Physicians, Dentist, Pharmacists etc.

CO-OP Databases: (You can participate to these datasets and enjoy royalties on usage)

B2C Email Data
B2C Cell Phone Data