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Targeted Audience Right Channels Better Results

The Republican political audience includes registered Republican voters and Conservative campaign donors. This focused political audience supports and donates toward issues like pro-gun/Second Amendment rights, pro-life and pro-business legislation, limited government spending, and religious values.


As we saw in 2020, election seasons tend to polarize voter behavior, so it is important for Republican candidates and campaigns to rally their core voter base with fund-raising, Register-to-Vote, and Go-to-Vote campaign efforts.


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed traditional election campaign strategies to digital channels like telemarketing and Email marketing. Datazapp’s Republican voter and donor records come with your choice of cell, landline, or Email to fuel your digital marketing campaigns.

Contact Channels & Demographic Targeting

Target your voter audience with a toolbox of 15+ demographic filters, including – Age, Gender, Marital Status, Ethnicity, Household Income, and more!


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Then select your contact channels. You can get a simple mailing list or include cell & landline numbers plus email address!

Build Your Audience By Political Agenda

With the right voter list, you can communicate with specific voter groups based on demographic and level of interest in the issues of your political campaign, and be confident that your message will receive positive response from your target audience.


Because Republican campaigns often focus on Conservative issues, we offer successful audience-building and targeting strategies for voters with Conservative positions.

Pro-Gun Rights

These include those who support gun ownership, Second Amendment rights, and political lobbies for the same causes.

Charitable Causes

Many Republicans donate to charity. And many also contribute to political campaigns and organizations.


Proponents of business friendly policy and legislation such as lower taxation, less regulation, etc.


Pro-Life advocates can be polarized voters, typically they and other social Conservatives are registered Republicans.

Maximize your fundraising and voter-turnout by targeting supporters of specific agendas and causes!