About Us

“We are a small but dedicated team of data engineers, marketing professionals, and communicators, passionate about  affordable marketing data, obsessed with our clients’ success, and committed to making the data acquisition process simple & convenient.”

Elevate your marketing endeavors with Datazapp.com, an exceptional online marketing platform that specializes in high-impact bulk data append and cutting-edge marketing audience solutions. 


Our signature 3 cents data appends are a game-changer, offering swift and seamless online data append services that set the industry standard. Renowned for our unparalleled commitment to customer service, Datazapp.com is your trusted partner in unlocking marketing success.


The journey of Datazapp.com began with a vision to revolutionize marketing data accessibility. We brought reasonably priced marketing data to life with lightning-fast turnaround times, paving the way for our dynamic online self-service platform. Engineered to cater to bulk data append and audience building needs, our platform’s innovation allows us to keep costs in check. 


Powered by ML-driven big-data technology and fortified with meticulous data acquisition and quality processes, we’ve masterfully minimized costs while maximizing value. We’re dedicated to extending this unique cost advantage to our clients, empowering their marketing campaigns and propelling their growth to new heights. Choose Datazapp.com, where possibilities meet profitability.