How Does Datazapp Work?

There are two primary ways to use your Datazapp account: Uploading lists and creating your own lists. For example, you can upload a list of names & addresses into our Email Append service to add missing Email addresses to your list. You can also create your own targeted lists of property owners, consumers, voters etc.

How Much Do Your Services Cost?

Visit our Pricing Page for exact prices by service. Datazapp's prices vary by service, but most append services start at 3 cents per match and most targeted lists start at 3 cents per record, with a minimum order price of $125.

Why Is Datazapp So Inexpensive?

We get this one a lot. Datazapp is an online self service platform designed to serve bulk data append and marketing. Self-service keeps our costs low and using big-data and the latest technology results in robust data acquisition and data quality processes - keeping our costs down.

We believe in passing our unique cost advantages to our clients so small to medium-sized businesses can have access to the same quality data as large companies. We fuel their marketing campaigns and help them grow!

How Accurate is Datazapp?

Datazapp averages an accuracy rate of 70%-85% in regard to phone numbers, emails, and property, consumer and other records.

Do You Offer API?

Yes! We offer API for email append, phone append, phone scrub, and reverse email append. Check with your account manager for pricing options.

Do You Offer A Free Trial or Free Sample?

Unfortunately, no. However, we do provide complimentary match rate reports for any list you upload to append. With our low-cost pricing, it's very accessible for our new clients to start with a minimum order and test the quality of our lists or appended data. We are confident that you'll like our data and services.


How Does Your Pricing Work? Is there A Minimun?

The Phone and Email Apppend Services provide phone numbers and/or emails for 3 cents per phone number or email successfully matched. You have the options to select between 1 cell number, 1 landline and 1 email.

There is a minimum order price of $125 to purchase the results for between 1 to 5 appended lists. Please view the Pricing Page and this short Pricing Overview Video for details and demonstrations.

Can I Frequently Append Small Files without Paying the Minimum Each Time?

For those who need to append smaller files on a frequent basis, we have prepayment plans which eliminate the $125 minimum price. Most pricing plans also discount the prices of our services as well. Check our Pricing Page for more details.

How Do I Format And upload My List?

Your list needs to be in a .CSV or .XLXS Excel file. If appending phone numbers or emails to your lists, you'll need 1 or 2 columns containing individuals' names (First name and Last Name columns or one column with the full names). If you are scrubbing your phone list or verifying a list of emails, you only need one column containing the phone numbers or emails.

Upload your list by logging into your account and navigating to the appropriate service module.

Can I Scrub Do-Not-Call (DNC) Numbers?

Yes! Built-in to our Phone Append service is the option to exclude numbers on the Federal Do Not Call list from your appended results. Excluding these DNC numbers from your list is no extra charge.

How Long Is The Turn-around time?

Most lists only take a few minutes to process. Within minutes of submitting your list, you will received email report of how your list performed, along with a quote which is no-obligation.


How Do I Buy Lists from Datazapp?

Your Datazapp account provides modules in which you select from a toolbox of criteria filters to create your perfect list such as a list of Properties & Homeowners. You choose where and what kind of records you want. View your results and if necessary, specify exactly how many records you want in your list.

How Does Pricing Work? Is There A Minimum?

Our lists start at 3 cents per record. Most records will contain the Name and Address of the individual, along with the contact info of your choice like a cell phone or email. Mailing lists with only name and address are also available.

Most list such as Property or Consumers lists have a minimum price of $125.

Can I Suppress Against Records I have already Purchased?

Yes, as you purchase lists you’ll have the option to exclude records which you already purchased from your new orders.

You can also upload your own suppression lists as needed.