Data Driven Marketing Fuel

Data fuel: Warehousing over 1 billion consumer & business records.

Consumer eTarget

DataZapp's targeted econsumer lists identify active consumers with actionable demographic, lifestyle, interest and transactional information. Over 45 million records.

B2b Contacts

B2B Contacts

B2B Contacts are derived from a multitude of sources – near accurate, complete and reliable b2b contacts with 12 million companies, 24 million contacts and 15 million direct emails.



DataZapp's unique advantage is, our ability to integrate multiple data sources & offer unmatched intelligence. Reach 175 million auto owners with 80 million phones and 45 million emails.

Phone Append

Cell & Phone Append

Cell & Phone append services provide you with quality, accurate data and fast service with forward append & reverse appends options. DNC scrub also available.



Reach these unique consumers segmented by their occupation such as nurse, realtor, engineer and more.