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Data Refinery

  • Data Validation

    Our data quality expert’s possess more than 15 years of experience – with our in-house data hygiene and verification tools we continue to maintain quality data lists and deliver best ROI for our client’s postal, telemarketing or email campaigns.

  • Address Validation, CASS & NCOALink

    USPS certified CASS software and NCOALink services keeps our postal addresses up to date and deliverable. NCOALink services help us keep track of updated move addresses.

  • Phone Verification & Contact Verification

    We use outside partners to verify phone numbers and contacts and can also access the lists maintained by our third party partners to cross verify data points on our lists.

  • Email Hygiene and Email Verification

    Removes high risk email addresses from email lists such as spam traps, complainers, known hard bounces, role based emails, bad syntax and performs real time mailbox validation at smtp level. This process ensures that lists have minimal hard bounces and high risk emails which can lead to email campaign failure and risk your IP reputation.



  • Below market pricing without compromising quality and coverage.
  • Blend of data hygiene - CASS, NCOA, Phone Verification and Email Verification.