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Build your ideal list of insurance prospects using Datazapp’s suite of demographic filters and available contact info. With a Datazapp account, you can build targeted lists of insurance prospects with Emails, Cell Phones, & Postal info within minutes.

Ideal for agents marketing Health, Life, Homeowner’s Insurance and more.

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Life Insurance
& Final Expense

Pitch whole, term, & final expense policies to the most viable prospects

Health & Medical

Using Datazapp's Age, Family structure & Employment filters

Medicare & Medicaid (T-65)

Build lists of T-65's by birth month & other seniors by financial status

Homeowner's Insurance

Target millions of homeowners by home value, build-year, & financials

Annuities & Savings Vehicles

Find candidates for investment tools by age, income, &

Turning 65 seniors

lists of seniors turning 65 years old by month

The month in which seniors reach the age of 65 is particularly important to many marketers. So Datazapp allows you to easily filter and create lists of T-65’s by birth month.

Individuals turning 65 will soon be eligible for Social Security and Medicare benefits, and are entering traditional retirement age. For these reasons, the T-65 group is an important consumer segment to marketers of Insurance, financial & legal services, estate planning, medical products & services, senior living communities, and much more.
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