How Reverse Email Appending can Maximize your Marketing Reach

If you have Email addresses for your leads and customers, and only use them for Email marketing – you could be leaving money on the table.

Many marketers are realizing the potential to send Direct Mail marketing to their Email prospects, along with telemarketing & social media advertising.

How are they doing this? They are using a process called Reverse Email Appending.

When you upload lists of hashed or plain Emails with Datazapp, we also supply the postal information associated with those Email addresses. We even give you any phone numbers associated with those Emails.

You can also transform hashed Emails in MD5 or SHA format into plain Email addresses using your Datazapp account. So you can start putting those Emails into your marketing funnels immediately.

Why Use the Reverse Email Append Service?

How Does it Work?

Reverse Email Appending is just as simple and quick as the regular Email append process.

Just upload your Excel files, wait a few minutes, and you can download your list with the Postal info added, and any hashed Emails converted.

Datazapp uses its massive database of Postal, Consumer, and Business contacts to find information associated with your Email addresses. Upload your Email files and out comes the postal and phone data you need to run your marketing campaigns.

Upload Emails,
SHA, or MD5 Hashes

John Smith
[email protected]
(602) 502-4578

123 Blue St. Phoenix, AZ

Each Email matched with at least a Name & a Mailing address is considered a match and priced at 3 cents. Follow this link to learn more about Datazapp’s Reverse Email Append service.