DOB Append & Age Verification

Bulk Date of Birth Append*, Bulk Age Verification Service

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Date of Birth Data is important for businesses and organizations to provide timely offerings, verify the viability of prospects, and enhance employee and other internal records.

Datazapp’s Age Data Append service fills in the data gaps in your customer and prospect records to help you better understand your audience and reach them through additional contact channels.

Better Understand Your Audience

Add demographic characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity, political affiliation. 50+ demographics data appends to identify characteristics of your best customers.

Better Reach for Your Audience

Append contact data such as Email addresses, cell phone numbers, landlines, names, and mailing addresses to your lists and expand the marketing channels your business uses to reach your audience. Create top-of-mind awareness of your brand among your customers and prospects by using a multi-channel marketing approach.


Industry leading match rate as high as 60%


Most appends processed in minutes


Triple-verified & enhanced for accuracy and deliverability


Upload your lists directly 24X7