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Deliver to Gmail Inboxes with Google's New Pilot Program

VSP Program_

Since the 2020 election cycle, Email marketers have increasingly noticed their political messages going to SPAM folders, dramatically reducing Email visibility.

Gmail may be the largest participant in this problem. With it’s over 2 billion users and roughly 30% market-share among Email clients, deliverability to Gmail users’ primary inboxes is crucial for political Email campaigns to succeed.

Now, during the peak time of the 2022 election cycle, Federal Committees, Candidates, and the Email marketers working on their behalf can reclaim their Email visibility.

Google's Verified Sender Program (VSP)

Google is currently accepting applications to join a new pilot program recently approved by the FEC called the Gmail Verified Sender Program (VSP) which aims to screen political Email messengers and bring more Email visibility to approved applicants during the 2022 election cycle.

Emails sent from approved applicants will land in Gmail users’ primary inboxes with a special banner offering the recipient a chance to unsubscribe from the sender.

If the user does not unsubscribe or takes no action, messages from that sender will continue to reach their primary inbox.

On the other hand, bulk (non-opt in) political Emails from unapproved senders including Super PAC’s and non-Federal candidates will still to go to Gmail’s SPAM folders.

Who Is Eligible for the VSP Program?

1.) An Authorized Candidate Committee;

2.) A Political Party Committee; or

3.) Leadership Political Action Committee

Applicants must be registered with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) and comply with VSP program policies on top of Google’s standard Terms of Service.

More Info Available

Google published this slide show with more details about the Verified Sender Program.

Federal Committees can apply here to join, and learn about eligibility requirements and program policies here.

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