The Datazapp Difference

What sets Datazapp apart from other data providers? What advantages do our clients enjoy? It comes down to 4 main issues –

Turn-Around Time,  Price,  Data Quality,  & Responsiveness

The Other Guys

5 - 20

On Average

Around Time

1 - 2

On Average

Here at Datazapp, our goal is to save you time and money getting your marketing data. So, we have made your Datazapp account a lean, clean, data-providing machine.

Most of our services including Phone & Email Append are self-service and available 24/7. It only takes a few seconds to upload your data, and then another few minutes to get the completed data back.

Building lists is also quick and painless. Simply enter the appropriate module, be it Consumers, Homeowners, Businesses, etc. and in just a few clicks you can create targeted lists and download them directly to your computer.

In total, most of our services take under 10 minutes to fully use.

Datazapp’s streamlined services provide you only the data you need while leaving out junk data. For example, our Phone & Email append service returns only the best Email, Cell Phone, or Landline per contact.

Instead of receiving 10 phone numbers and sifting through all of them to find the correct number, you can save time and money with your outbound methods by avoiding junk data.

3 - 4

On Average


8 - 15

On Average

Our clients love Datazapp because our data prices are next to unbeatable while our data quality remains high. Put simply, we don’t believe in exorbitant profit margins. Instead, we prefer to drive our prices down and establish long-term relationships with our satisfied clients.

Other data providers often charge 5 to 10 times our rates for similar data. While some companies have similarly low pricing, they rarely come close to our average accuracy rate of 80%.

Datazapp also offers deeply discounted pricing options which can be locked-in with pre-payments of $1,000 or more to your account balance. You can enjoy these discounts regardless of the volume of data you need!


80% Average

Data Quality
& Accuracy

Quality &
Accuracy Varies

When choosing a data vendor, the accuracy & quality of the data can be a toss-up. There is no shortage of fly-by-night companies looking for a quick one-time sale.

Datazapp has been a leader in high quality data for over a decade. While some companies have similarly low pricing, they rarely come close to our average accuracy rate of 80%.

Call, Email & Chat

with Data Experts
during Business Hours


Good Luck!

Don't Hold Your Breath

People who reach out to us are often surprised at how responsive we are to their needs and questions. Reaching us on the phone is never a problem, and your emails to us are always answered in a timely manner.

We build long-term relationships with our clients that are built on trust and transparency. Our customers know that they can reach us anytime during business hours via phone, Email, and our online chat box.

Our [email protected] channel is always open, and messages sent after regular business hours are typically answered the very next morning. Support channels between Datazapp users and our friendly staff are also available directly in your account.
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A targeted marketing approach beats an un-targeted one every time. As a business owner or marketer, you know your customers and prospects better than anyone. So, your Datazapp account gives you a suite of targeting options to find the best Consumer, Business, Homeowner & other prospects for your business.

Our Homeowner database has targeting filters using owners’ demographics & financial indicators to find motivated sellers, good contracting prospects, & more. Market segments such Absentee Homeowners, Vacant Homes, and Homes in Pre-foreclosure are also available.

Consumer records can be targeted by over 50 behavioral categories, and over a dozen demographics. Business contacts are filtered by Industry, Title, & other company details.
No matter how your business does marketing, chances are you have more than just one data need. That’s why Datazapp is your one-stop-shop for marketing data, providing a host of data services.

Primarily, Datazapp offers 3 categories of data services: Appends, Lists, & Data Hygiene

Marketers append data when they have existing records like customer or prospect lists, and need to add missing data such as Phone Numbers, Emails, Updated Postal Info, Demographic labels, or behavioral insights.

Marketers also create new lists of prospects using the targeting options available.

Datazapp’s List Hygiene services include Phone Scrub, Email Verification, CASS/NCOA postal updates, & more. These services keep your contacts up to date and keep your marketing partners compliant with regulations.

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