The Importance of Targeted Lists amid Facebook’s Upcoming Policy Changes

FB Targeting Rules

Facebook has announced that it is limiting the way advertisers can target relevant audiences on the platform. Starting early next year, marketers will not be able to target profiles using “sensitive” categories or interests, including religion, sexual orientation, health, or political beliefs.

Removing these targeting options hamstrings advertisers looking to reach users with these interests, such as Jewish Americans, LGBTQ members, Diabetics, or those in political camps.

Marketers will be limited to more general targeting options, like age, location, or gender, but will still have access to “non-sensitive” interests i.e. “rock-climbing,” “dog owners,” etc.

Datazapp to the Rescue

Fortunately, Facebook’s “Custom Audience” feature remains intact, allowing marketers to upload their own lists of prospects directly onto Facebook’s advertising account.

This means you can obtain a highly targeted list from Datazapp and advertise to those users on Facebook, bypassing the platform’s strict targeting rules.

Looking for an audience of Conservatives to advertise to on Facebook? No problem! How about an audience of Indian-Americans? Absolutely.

With Datazapp, you can build lists of U.S. residents based on religion, ethnicity, political affiliations, financial standing, homeownership, presence of children, marital status, gender, age, and much more.

Datazapp also adds demographic labels to your existing lists so you can break your contacts into relevant marketing audiences for targeted campaigns.

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