The Marketing Value of Political Donors

Political Donors Article

Political Donors are a perfect group to target when Fund-Raising for both Political and Non-political purposes. They are voters who have gone above and beyond their civic duty and directly involved themselves in the political process by financially contributing to their favorite Candidates, Causes, and Political Action Committees (PAC’s).

What does this say about the behavior of Political Donors? – They are pro-active, and they use their finances to make positive change.

Political donations correlate with other forms of charitable donations to Non-Profits. So Non-Profit Marketers have a unique opportunity to target this donor group to achieve high ROI’s for their marketing dollars.

For example, a person who donates to the ACTBlue super-PAC may likely donate to Planned Parenthood or environmentalist causes, while a person who donates to WinRed or Trump’s re-election PAC may likely donate to the NRA or religious Non-profits.

Political Donors are a perfect fundraising group to target if you are a political candidate running for office during the 2022 Mid-Terms. You can target these data by Congressional District, City, County, State, or Zip Codes. Plus, you can identify donors by donation amounts, donations dates, and candidate or committee to which they donated.

Donor Lists are perfect tools to communicate and send your message digitally through Email marketing, peer-to-peer texts, and social media!

At Datazapp we offer these lists of political donors at just 4 cents per record! Each record comes with the donor’s Name, Address, and your choice of Email Address or Phone Number.