Top 7 Reasons to Use Email Marketing

Top Reason to use Email Marketing
Email is still the top-performing marketing channel when it comes to price and R.O.I. Email marketing has been around a long time now, so this marketing channel is crowded and competitive.

That’s why it’s so important to not just obtain accurate and deliverable Email addresses for your campaigns. Those audiences must be targeted to maximize your reach and your audience’s responsiveness. Fortunately, Datazapp can help you do both.

Check out our top reasons why you should incorporate Email marketing into your campaigns:

1.  Popular Across Age Groups 

No matter how old you are – whether your target audience are millennials or baby-boomers, Email is an important communication channel that most people use daily.

2.  Cost-Effectiveness

One reason why Email marketing can yield such high R.O.I’s is because sending out Emails is inexpensive yet effective in reaching your audience. Datazapp also makes it cost-effective to obtain Email addresses, either by appending Emails to your existing lists, or by creating targeted Email lists using Datazapp’s massive consumer & business databases.

3.  Re-Targeting Capability

Email is a fantastic way to digitally re-target your prospects. Emails can be sent quickly and triggered to send to certain recipients based on specific actions taken by visitors to your website, new customers or prospects, etc.

Datazapp helps marketers re-target their online prospects by matching Email addresses, Names, and Mailing addresses to visitors of their or their clients’ website visitors. This enables marketers to quickly reach out and move those site visitors into the marketing & sales funnel.

4.  Less Red Tape

The simplicity of Email marketing is alluring to many. Barriers to entry are low, even for more inexperienced Email marketers. Besides the low price of Email, there are also the benefits of a largely unregulated marketing channel.

While telemarketing has seen a growth in legislative red tape, Email marketing is bounded primarily by one piece of legislation – the CAN-SPAM Act. This act outlines simple-to-follow guidelines for ethical and legal Email marketing practices which are common-sense to most people.

5.  A Less Intrusive Marketing Channel

As annoying as unsolicited marketing Emails can be, they are far less intrusive than some other forms of marketing, like SPAM and robo-calls, cookie-based online trackers, text messages, direct mail, and in-person door-knocking.

Marketers can leverage Email marketing while being confident that their recipients have the power to ignore, reduce, or prevent any unwanted Emails from them.

6.  Many Targeting Capabilities

Not all Email addresses have the same value to marketers. Most of the ROI which Email marketing can generate comes from the targeting & segmentation of Email audiences. In a phrase – targeted campaigns simply perform better.

Targeted audiences will be more responsive and will respond more favorably to your Email campaigns than an untargeted audience.

Datazapp provides the targeting tools and audience filters Email marketers need to create the best audiences for their particular campaigns.

6.  Effective Tracking Options

As a digital tool, Email marketing provides superior tracking options. Marketers can see which recipients open specific Emails, when and how many times they opened them, which links they click, and more.

More knowledge = more power for marketers, giving them the data to tailor their audiences and message to maximize their response.

Recipients who interact greatly with your marketing Emails may be hot leads to follow-up with, while recipients who ignore or minimally interact with your Emails may not be the ideal audience, or you may need to use different marketing channels to convert them.
See how Datazapp can help you fuel your Email marketing campaigns with quality & targeted Email addresses: