The Datazapp Difference

What sets Datazapp apart from other data providers? What advantages do our clients enjoy? It comes down to 4 main issues –

Turn-Around Time,  Price,  Data Quality,  & Responsiveness

The Other Guys

5 - 20

On Average

Around Time

1 - 2

On Average

Here at Datazapp, our goal is to save you time and money getting your marketing data. So, we have made your Datazapp account a lean, clean, data-providing machine.

Most of our services including Phone & Email Append are self-service and available 24/7. It only takes a few seconds to upload your data, and then another few minutes to get the completed data back.

Building lists is also quick and painless. Simply enter the appropriate module, be it Consumers, Homeowners, Businesses, etc. and in just a few clicks you can create targeted lists and download them directly to your computer.

In total, most of our services take under 10 minutes to fully use.

Datazapp’s streamlined services provide you only the data you need while leaving out junk data. For example, our Phone & Email append service returns only the best Email, Cell Phone, or Landline per contact.

Instead of receiving 10 phone numbers and sifting through all of them to find the correct number, you can save time and money with your outbound methods by avoiding junk data.

3 - 4

On Average


8 - 15

On Average

Our clients love Datazapp because our data prices are next to unbeatable while our data quality remains high. Put simply, we don’t believe in exorbitant profit margins. Instead, we prefer to drive our prices down and establish long-term relationships with our satisfied clients.

Other data providers often charge 5 to 10 times our rates for similar data. While some companies have similarly low pricing, they rarely come close to our average accuracy rate of 80%.

Datazapp also offers deeply discounted pricing options which can be locked-in with pre-payments of $1,000 or more to your account balance. You can enjoy these discounts regardless of the volume of data you need!


80% Average

Data Quality
& Accuracy

Quality &
Accuracy Varies

When choosing a data vendor, the accuracy & quality of the data can be a toss-up. There is no shortage of fly-by-night companies looking for a quick one-time sale.

Datazapp has been a leader in high quality data for over a decade. While some companies have similarly low pricing, they rarely come close to our average accuracy rate of 80%.

Call, Email & Chat

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Don't Hold Your Breath

People who reach out to us are often surprised at how responsive we are to their needs and questions. Reaching us on the phone is never a problem, and your emails to us are always answered in a timely manner.

We build long-term relationships with our clients that are built on trust and transparency. Our customers know that they can reach us anytime during business hours via phone, Email, and our online chat box.

Our [email protected] channel is always open, and messages sent after regular business hours are typically answered the very next morning. Support channels between Datazapp users and our friendly staff are also available directly in your account.
Read about other ways Datazapp is head and shoulders above the competition here:
A targeted marketing approach beats an un-targeted one every time. As a business owner or marketer, you know your customers and prospects better than anyone. So, your Datazapp account gives you a suite of targeting options to find the best Consumer, Business, Homeowner & other prospects for your business.

Our Homeowner database has targeting filters using owners’ demographics & financial indicators to find motivated sellers, good contracting prospects, & more. Market segments such Absentee Homeowners, Vacant Homes, and Homes in Pre-foreclosure are also available.

Consumer records can be targeted by over 50 behavioral categories, and over a dozen demographics. Business contacts are filtered by Industry, Title, & other company details.
No matter how your business does marketing, chances are you have more than just one data need. That’s why Datazapp is your one-stop-shop for marketing data, providing a host of data services.

Primarily, Datazapp offers 3 categories of data services: Appends, Lists, & Data Hygiene

Marketers append data when they have existing records like customer or prospect lists, and need to add missing data such as Phone Numbers, Emails, Updated Postal Info, Demographic labels, or behavioral insights.

Marketers also create new lists of prospects using the targeting options available.

Datazapp’s List Hygiene services include Phone Scrub, Email Verification, CASS/NCOA postal updates, & more. These services keep your contacts up to date and keep your marketing partners compliant with regulations.

Create your no-obligation account to see why Datazapp users tend to never look back once they join: Signup Here

And don’t forget to see what our customers have to say about us! Datazapp Customer Reviews


How to Use Facebook Custom Advertising Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences
Facebook has become a staple for online marketing in the last decade, not only because of its enormous base of users, but the platform’s ability to categorize its users. Oftentimes, these are interests, demographics, and behaviors Facebook users select to describe themselves, so marketers can target niche audiences in their marketing campaigns and be confident in the applicability of their Facebook audience.

Within the “Ads Manager,” Facebook business users can create custom audiences with a list of existing leads or customers, but you can also use this list to find “Look-alike” audiences in which Facebook finds other users that share similar interests, demographics, and behaviors that are likely to respond well to your marketing campaign.

Whether you currently use Facebook advertising or not, taking advantage of the platform’s Custom and Lookalike audiences is the best way to put your marketing content in front of the largest audience on Earth. Virtually every customer of your business is on Facebook, so why not look for potential customers in the same source?

This is where Datazapp comes in. To get the most out of Facebook’s audience builder, you need several data points for each of your existing customers. You may have one or two data points for your customers like names and addresses, but not contact info such as phone numbers or emails.

Perhaps you are an email marketer or an Amazon seller and your customer list is just a string of emails. In both cases and many more, Datazapp can fill in the gaps of your customer lists with our Phone Append, Email Append, and Reverse Append services. Upload your customer file into Datazapp’s self-serve portal, and within minutes, phone numbers and/or email addresses will be added to your list.

You’ve got your customer list completed with Datazapp. Now What?

Now you’re ready to create Custom audiences on Facebook. To do this, you will need a Facebook Business Manager account.

First, log in to your Facebook “Ads Manager” account. Under shortcuts, click the “Audiences” button. Then click the “Create Audience” button, and select “Custom Audience.”
We will use a Customer File to build our audience. Once you select “Customer File,” drag and drop your customer file, and match the columns in your file with the appropriate labels such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc. You will then see how many records in your file were uploaded into your custom audience.
Facebook searches its own database to find your customers’ profiles for which you can create targeted ads. Facebook’s Custom Audience is also a great channel to follow-up market your services to people who visit your website or express interest in your business, but the possibilities don’t end there. With a Custom Audience in place, you are ready to find new customers on Facebook with a Lookalike Audience.
After you choose a few search preferences, Facebook combs through its millions of profiles to find users with demographics similar to your customer audience. And just like that, you have a new audience much larger than your current one who is likely to respond well to your marketing. In summary:

The Marketing Value of Political Donors

Political Donors Article

Political Donors are a perfect group to target when Fund-Raising for both Political and Non-political purposes. They are voters who have gone above and beyond their civic duty and directly involved themselves in the political process by financially contributing to their favorite Candidates, Causes, and Political Action Committees (PAC’s).

What does this say about the behavior of Political Donors? – They are pro-active, and they use their finances to make positive change.

Political donations correlate with other forms of charitable donations to Non-Profits. So Non-Profit Marketers have a unique opportunity to target this donor group to achieve high ROI’s for their marketing dollars.

For example, a person who donates to the ACTBlue super-PAC may likely donate to Planned Parenthood or environmentalist causes, while a person who donates to WinRed or Trump’s re-election PAC may likely donate to the NRA or religious Non-profits.

Political Donors are a perfect fundraising group to target if you are a political candidate running for office during the 2022 Mid-Terms. You can target these data by Congressional District, City, County, State, or Zip Codes. Plus, you can identify donors by donation amounts, donations dates, and candidate or committee to which they donated.

Donor Lists are perfect tools to communicate and send your message digitally through Email marketing, peer-to-peer texts, and social media!

At Datazapp we offer these lists of political donors at just 4 cents per record! Each record comes with the donor’s Name, Address, and your choice of Email Address or Phone Number.


Re-Targeting Online Visitors with Datazapp’s IP Pixel

Datazapp is empowering digital marketers with a tool to identify and retarget website visitors using IP addresses.

The Visitor IP Insight tool helps website owners achieve online identity resolution – the practice of recognizing website visitors and matching those users with the contact info marketers need to send them relevant messages at each step of the buyer’s journey.

“Our Visitor IP Insight tool is an ideal retargeting solution for any website owner who realizes the buying potential of their online visitors, but sees too many of those prospects leave without making a purchase or giving their contact info,” said founder Nirav Patel.

“This solution will put more online leads back into the sales funnel and ultimately boost  marketing R.O.I.” 

The process is remarkably simple. A short string of code called a “Pixel” is placed on a website, where visitors’ IP addresses are captured and matched with a nationwide database of over 300 million consumers updated continuously. Email addresses, names, postal info, and even phone numbers are synced in real-time to the user’s dashboard on Datazapp’s 24/7 platform. 

The Pixel is a one-stop-shop for the IP capture & data append process. But companies with their own IP technology in place don’t have to scrap their current system. Those marketers can submit their site visitors’ IP’s directly to Datazapp over an API connection or by uploading Excel files.

For the last 12 years, has served businesses with quality email and phone number appends, consumer (B2C) prospects, business (B2B) data, and quick turn-arounds. Now, their technology is helping digital marketers convert online leads in an ever-changing internet landscape. Information about their products and services can be found at their website