How to Boost Small-Dollar Political Fundraising with Targeted Data

Small Dollar Contributions have sharply declined..

Political fundraising marketers are reporting that small-dollar contribution levels are roughly half that of the cycle leading up to 2020 and lags far behind the past 10-year average, even when adjusted for inflation.

Marketers are chalking this drop in donations to economic conditions – rising consumer prices have stretched the average donor’s budget, making political contributions a non-priority for voters.

Email Marketing still reigns

About 70% of online political donations come through Email marketing.

Email has been and still is the most valuable player when it comes to reaching donors and securing small-dollar contributions.

Marketing Challenges Unique to Political Campaigns

Traditional B2C or B2B email campaigns have several advantages over political email campaigns.

Audience Segmetation

Businesses have organic, cumulative prospect & customer data to inform their audience targeting decisions. Also, businesses will often not need to make big changes to their targeting approach as time goes on.

Political campaigns have little to no organic data to inform their decision, and must rely on a combination of intuition and the experience of political data providers.

Time & Trial

Businesses have years to analyze who converts for them and who doesn’t, so they can analyze trends and adjust audience segmentation over longer time periods.

Political campaigns have just a few months to target their audience.

Flexibility & Agility

Political campaigns must tailor their email marketing content to day-to-day topics and issues facing the campaign.

If the news cycle changes, or if there’s a new development in the campaign, marketers must adapt on the fly, and have mere hours to source an appropriately targeted audience from their data source.

Marketing Challenges Unique to Political Campaigns

Political Audience Segmentation by Core Issues:

Here’s just a few of our pre-segmented political audiences ready to go for your campaign:

Political Audience Segmentation by Demographics:

In addition to targeting by registered parties like Democrat, Republican, Independent, NPA, Libertarian & other 3rd parties – craft your audience by demographics & behaviors like:

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