How to Use Facebook Custom Advertising Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences
Facebook has become a staple for online marketing in the last decade, not only because of its enormous base of users, but the platform’s ability to categorize its users. Oftentimes, these are interests, demographics, and behaviors Facebook users select to describe themselves, so marketers can target niche audiences in their marketing campaigns and be confident in the applicability of their Facebook audience.

Within the “Ads Manager,” Facebook business users can create custom audiences with a list of existing leads or customers, but you can also use this list to find “Look-alike” audiences in which Facebook finds other users that share similar interests, demographics, and behaviors that are likely to respond well to your marketing campaign.

Whether you currently use Facebook advertising or not, taking advantage of the platform’s Custom and Lookalike audiences is the best way to put your marketing content in front of the largest audience on Earth. Virtually every customer of your business is on Facebook, so why not look for potential customers in the same source?

This is where Datazapp comes in. To get the most out of Facebook’s audience builder, you need several data points for each of your existing customers. You may have one or two data points for your customers like names and addresses, but not contact info such as phone numbers or emails.

Perhaps you are an email marketer or an Amazon seller and your customer list is just a string of emails. In both cases and many more, Datazapp can fill in the gaps of your customer lists with our Phone Append, Email Append, and Reverse Append services. Upload your customer file into Datazapp’s self-serve portal, and within minutes, phone numbers and/or email addresses will be added to your list.

You’ve got your customer list completed with Datazapp. Now What?

Now you’re ready to create Custom audiences on Facebook. To do this, you will need a Facebook Business Manager account.

First, log in to your Facebook “Ads Manager” account. Under shortcuts, click the “Audiences” button. Then click the “Create Audience” button, and select “Custom Audience.”
We will use a Customer File to build our audience. Once you select “Customer File,” drag and drop your customer file, and match the columns in your file with the appropriate labels such as name, address, phone number, email address, etc. You will then see how many records in your file were uploaded into your custom audience.
Facebook searches its own database to find your customers’ profiles for which you can create targeted ads. Facebook’s Custom Audience is also a great channel to follow-up market your services to people who visit your website or express interest in your business, but the possibilities don’t end there. With a Custom Audience in place, you are ready to find new customers on Facebook with a Lookalike Audience.
After you choose a few search preferences, Facebook combs through its millions of profiles to find users with demographics similar to your customer audience. And just like that, you have a new audience much larger than your current one who is likely to respond well to your marketing. In summary: